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How to find work

How to find work   Definitions   Directory   Employments
  How to find work
   Ten tips

1. Make a good resume and be well presented.
2. Be selective when sending job applications.
3. Use proactive recommendations. Have your reference call immediately.

4. You need to be organized right off the bat -- maintain an Excel spreadsheet with all your contacts.
5. Use social networking sites. Some, like LinkedIn, are full of professionals who understand that a good job hunt is not an event but a way of life.
6. When you find yourself temping at a company you like, give a star performance. Even if the work doesn't require much skill, be fun and charming. And don't be shy about asking for full-time work.

7. Be nice.
8. Comment on blogs. You can target people you would like to work for and start commenting on their blog.
9. Write a blog.
10. Don't lose hope.